Pre-Race Information

Race Information

  1. Please report to the starting line 15 minutes prior to the actual start of the race.
  2. Ensure that all runners are wearing a bib number before the start of each race.  Do not tear off the tag below the bib.
  3. For safety considerations, spectators and coaches must remain off of the competitive racing course.
  4. Remind your athletes that: Exiting the chute early may results in disqualification as well as displacing everyone else’s times.

Scoring System

  1. We use exclusive Laser Bar Code Scanning and automatic time downloading system. This will necessitate cutoff times for all races. Athletes who finish after a certain period of time may NOT receive their finish time. (Coaches is responible to get there own runner finish time.)
  2. Bar codes must be worn by each competitor in each race. Every bib number is unique for each of your athletes. Please do not pin the large hole at the bottom.
  3. In order for the Laser Scanner to read the bar code, we ask that you inform your athlete not to bend, mutilate, staple or write over the bar code.